Deep abiding love Thursdays: what makes life super rad

1. NBC’s Community

I’m into the second season and it gets more and more and more and more awesome. I just finished the stop-motion Christmas special, which left off with this deliciously pomo quote:

“I get it. The meaning of Christmas is the idea that Christmas has meaning, and it can mean whatever we want.” -Abed

2. Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer

I like sandbox games a lot. In general, actually, I like things without much structure. Book-wise, it means I loved Infinite Jest. My favourite class in university was one where the prof didn’t speak. And my desk is a city at rush hour, with pens sneaking between towers of books. With the city imagery in place, back to GTA 5. I will probably do all the missions involved (I’m betting there’ll be plotlines about rotten developers and illegal immigrants, if the vid’s anything to go by), but only as a sort of tangential undertaking compared to my real objective of driving cars really fast through virtual metropolises (metropoli?). I could do that for hours.

3. Public libraries

I’ve taken out about a dozen books in the past couple weeks, and I’ve read most of them, too. Do you even remember what recreational reading is like? Go and find out – for free. I’ve snagged some great literary fiction and philosophy-related non-fiction as a result, though I’ll only mention a couple in case you decide to go and prematurely recall my favourite reads: The Fates Will Find Their Way by Hannah Pitard (gives off a bit of a Eugenides-circa-Virgin Suicides feel), and What Darwin Got Wrong from Jerry Fodor (I might have a way of doubting Fodor’s conclusion, but probably not).

4. #CanadianActionMovies

Great hashtag fun originating from the National Film Board of Canada. Here are a few keepers:


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